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UBIK Architects - Cooperation projects - Houses in Quy Chau

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Houses in Quy Chau - Nghe An Province

Quy Chau is located in Nghe An province, 150 km SouthWest of Vinh City (350 km from Hanoi). Most of the inhabitants around the city are Thai people, one of the numerous Ethnic Minorities of Vietnam. The area is rich for it's traditional Thai Architecture as well as Vietnamese wooden houses. All traditional houses are usually made of wood.
The program
The program was to create a house for the expatriate based in Quy Chau for a period of five years. A second "guest house" is created for the consultants who will spend a few weeks in Quy Chau for a short term mission, with four guestrooms.
The concept
The concept (developed by BTC and Ubik) was to create some buildings that could dwell the three cultures: Vietnamese, Thai and European. The houses have
the functionality of a European house, the topology of a Southeast Asian tropical house, and the look of a traditional house.
Local Materials
As this this project is within a cooperation program, UBIK used local materials as much as possible. All tiles (terracotta, marble, slate etc.) are local. The roof is made with hatch with a metal underlay for waterproofing: the 20cm thick thatch also provides a natural thermal insulation. The roof frame and the thatched roof is also realized directly by the minorities, with the supervision of UBIK. Even if the wood chosen for the construction is termite-resistant, no precious timber have been used for the construction of the frameworks, doors or windows.
All outside details are inspired by details found in the Quy Chau area (see pictures herewith). Unlike the dreadful concrete public buildings built recently in Quy Chau, this building has been designed to merge in its natural environment.

Central pond - View from the Guest House

Traditional Thai house near Quy Chau

Original perspectives of the project

Original perspective of the project

Access to Guest rooms

View from a Guest Room

Living room Main Building

Master bathroom in Main Building

Detail of a traditional Vietnamese House nearQuy Chau


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